About Aktivly

Aktivly is a hub for all things outdoors, built to help outdoor enthusiasts find and rent the gear they are looking for in an easy and convenient marketplace. We're building a platform that allows rentals from both rental shops and locals making it easier to get outside and play. Based at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, our mission is to make the outdoors more accessible for all.

Our Vision

The goal here at Aktivly is to make the outdoors more accessible, affordable and, enjoyable for everyone. Outdoor equipment is expensive and often bulky to travel with. we eliminate baggage fee’s, the hassle of finding things to do, and make the joy of outdoor recreation available to all walks of life.

Our Inspiration

One summer day in Tahoe, our founder Anders was looking for something fun to do. After a seemingly endless internet search of different rental places and visiting countless websites, he was overwhelmed. That’s when a thought arose -- "Why is this so hard?" And boom, the stage was set. He began sketching out ideas on how to make this better. The idea developed from a hub for easy access to equipment and guides, into a platform to bring people of all walks of life outside by helping them expand their options to try new things. Most important of all, we're building this to get people to enjoy mother nature in all her beauty.